Aura Humanitatis

Aura Humanitatis means "Aura of Humanity".

The real meaning is much wider and means: Aura of "Humanitas" - as "Humanitas" is our God as the Creator of Universe and the same time is also His reflection inside us, inside our souls, as a part of everybody of us.

Aura Humanitatis means: "aura of our God which is shining on us people and that way make us more Human with a higher level of humanity inside us".

His shining aura should help us to be a better people, to build a higher amount of "Humanitas" in our souls, hearts and minds, to become closer to our God. This shining aura if we try to see that and understand, if we worship it, is pulling us to God.

"Aura Humanitatis" is also the name of the new worldwide church and was founded under that name.

"Aura Humanitatis" is a non-profit organization founded to help to spread out worldwide the new scientific and philosophical teaching and at the same time also a new theological teaching and a new religion - "Scientific Theology".

Because of that "Aura Humanitatis" is also know as a church under its legal church name "Scientia Theologica". From that point of view "Aura Humanitatis" and "Scientia Theologica" are the same.

"Aura Humanitatis" is a new church - new "Ecclesia".

Ecclesia is a religion less pervasive in a society than a classical church but more than a sect. Ecclesia means a congregation.

But "Ecclesia" does not mean just a church, new Ecclesia means new modern form of political assembly of all people based on new style of classical democratic principles and the best tradition of that from the Golden Age of ancient Greece.

Ecclesia was the principal assembly of ancient Athens during its Golden Age. New Ecclesia is a new democratic form of government based on its best principles.

"Aura Humanitatis" is a "new worldwide church" as the same time a "new political assembly of all people".

"Aura Humanitatis" is a new Ecclesia.

Its motto:

It means that any kind of New World Order, and especially the one coming now, must be based on a new form of Ecclesia to be able to succeed, including a new philosophical and theological teaching - Scientific Theology - which is also an ideological platform for our new scientific way of thinking and our political point of view and must be spread out worldwide. Only when that happens, we might safe our civilization and all humankind on this planet.